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  Popatlal Dhanjibhai Malaviya College of Commerce
  Yr Estd.: 1957
Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade

  The Management IST : 20:54   19/02/2019 Tuesday GMT +5.5 

Board of Trustees

The trustees, together with the president, are responsible for governing and stewarding the college. The Board of Trustees constitutes the ultimate authority responsible for the college’s policies and programs. They are from various different prestigious vocations of the society. Members of the boards of trustees serve in leadership roles and as a legislative body with authority over much of the policy and administrative work of the college.

The college is fortunate to have alumni as trustees four members of the board are alumni, who studied in the college in previous years and now are rendering their services as a trustee of the institution.


The  Past President
Late Shri Vasantbhai Malaviya
Lt. Shri Vasantbhai Popatlal Malaviya , a noted personality in the city.
He is well known for his contribution to the Educational and Academic institutions in the city. He had extended his resources in the benefit of the society. He institute kindly owes it to Shri Vasantbhai for the development over a period of time where it  has been able to keep pace with the time and prepare the students who have proved as an asset to the society.


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